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Exactly what is Fire Watch?

Fire watch consists of trained personnel monitoring an area for potential hazards such as fire, flood, smoke, faulty wiring, flammable liquids or gases, and obstructions. Typically, it is implemented when a building's fire alarm system or sprinkler system is out of service or malfunctioning, increasing the risk of a fire occurring. When a fire watch is conducted, security guards patrol the building to identify possible fire hazards. Providing occupants with information regarding fire risks and facilitating safe evacuation in case of fire is critical.

Situations fire watch is needed?

  1. During construction or restoration: When a portion of a building is undergoing construction or restoration, the risk of fire is heightened. Our trained guards remain vigilant, monitoring the area to prevent any potential fire hazards and respond swiftly in the event of an emergency.

  2. When there is a downed alarm system: In the event of a compromised alarm system, detecting fires becomes challenging. Our security guards serve as a reliable alternative, remaining alert to identify any signs of fire and taking immediate action to minimize the risk and protect our clients' property.

  3. During power outages: Power outages can create a hazardous environment, increasing the risk of fire. Our guards provide a secure backup system, ensuring that the building remains protected and potential catastrophic losses are prevented, even in the absence of electricity.

  4. During flooding and storms: When commercial properties face the threat of flooding or storms, our guards play a crucial role in protecting entrances and halls. By keeping a watchful eye, they minimize the risk of further complications and ensure that safety is upheld throughout the premises.

Fire Watch Hazards

The specific hazards that security guards are responsible for monitoring will depend on the specific building and its operations.


It is the responsibility of the security guards to perform fire watch duties in order to prevent and detect fires, as well as to ensure the safety of individuals within the building. As part of a fire watch program, a security guard patrols a building, checking for signs of fire, such as smoke or flames, as well as any other potential hazards.

Check the operation of fire alarms, fire suppression systems, and fire exits to ensure that they are functioning properly. Other safety hazards may also be addressed by fire watch duties, such as monitoring for gas leaks, inspecting for hazardous materials, and ensuring that emergency exits are accessible and clear.

A security guard's primary responsibility during a fire watch is to ensure the safety and security of the building and its occupants by monitoring the premises constantly and responding to any incidents that may occur. Regular patrols, responding to alarms, and reporting any incidents to the appropriate authorities is part of this process.

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