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  • Property Access Control Management

  • Site Log Report

  • Security Guard Monitoring

  • Entry and Exit control by documenting everything

  • Site Walk Patrol

  • Interior and Exterior Patrol

  • Safety Compliance

  • Emergency Response Calls

  • Perimeter Integrity/Security Assurance

  • Assurance of Safe & Secure Sites & Workforce

  • Fire Watch

  • Site Security & Safety Checklist

  • Perimeter Safety

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Current climate

  1. Two-thirds of construction sites suffer from theft.

  2. Worse yet, sites recovered less than 25% of the stolen goods.

  3. In 2021 theft of equipment and materials from construction sites in Canada was estimated to be 300 million dollars.

  4. In Edmonton, the non-violent crime rate increased by 12% in the first three quarters of 2022

By the end of this decade, site thefts in Canada will reach $1 billion

Negative Business Impacts

True cost of Thefts from sites

1. Police report

On average, it takes 22 hours to complete.

2. Insurance Claims

On average, it takes 56 hours to complete.

3. Wait time

Claims can take on average, 30 – 90 days to be approved.

4. Getting materials, tools or equipment replaced

With Supply chain delays, this can take 30 days to over a year to get replacements.

This could ultimately cost Millions in Time, Money, Increased Insurance Premiums, and Project Delays.

A Positive Impact on Business

Increasing Efficiency

On construction sites, our well-trained security guards present themselves 24/7 to minimize risks when working day and night to meet deadlines.

Reducing Expenditures

You can rely on HKS Security to provide solutions that meet your project's security requirements while remaining within your budget.

Stress Reduction

Effective measures are taken to protect the job site from theft, vandalism, damage, and misuse.

Improve Safety On Site

Guards can inspect job sites in real-time to prevent theft, damage, or injury to employees, work sites, or equipment. A job site's security is vital to the safety of its employees, assets, and time.

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