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A More than Number Approach to Supporting Edmonton's Homeless

Homelessness in Edmonton is a severe issue that cannot be ignored. Between October 2019 and October 2021, the number of our homeless neighbors doubled, surging from 1,390 to 2,811. By March of this year, 2,843 individuals were grappling with homelessness in our city. Even more alarming? 757 of these individuals, referred to as the "unsheltered," find themselves sleeping outdoors.

Beyond these statistics lies a fundamental truth: Every individual in these numbers is a person. They are fathers, mothers, siblings, and friends caught in the whirlwind of circumstances that have forced them onto the streets. For many, these circumstances include mental health struggles, further intensified by a lack of access to essential resources and support.

Mental health needs often go hand in hand with the challenge of finding stable housing. The absence of a secure home can exacerbate feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation. Many people remain trapped in a cycle of homelessness without the resources to deal with these issues.

For this reason, we at HKS Security have helped. While security is our primary service, our commitment to the community goes beyond that. Today, we proudly announce our initiative of providing hand-made lunches to our unsheltered neighbors for Thanksgiving. This act, though small, is a gesture of unity. A statement that says, "We see you, and you matter."

But as we extend our support, it's crucial for all of us in Edmonton to be aware and compassionate. The homeless crisis is not just about numbers but about human lives. It's about understanding that everyone deserves respect, care, and a helping hand when needed.

Written by Rachel Ha, Security Supervisor

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