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In 2021 theft of equipment and materials from construction sites in Canada was estimated to be 300 million dollars. Two-thirds of construction sites suffer from theft, according to a recent survey. Worse yet, sites recovered less than 25% of the stolen goods. Theft on construction sites has become a significant problem in the industry, leading some to call it an "epidemic." Controlling theft from a construction site makes a significant difference to the success of a project, considering how common these crimes are. The general contractor and the owner should strongly consider site security measures.

Lax or nonexistent security regulations are among the top reasons construction site theft is rampant.

Deterrence is an essential factor in the prevention of construction site theft. Making it more difficult for thieves to access your property will make them less likely to target you.

What can you do to prevent theft on your construction site?

Owners and contractors should be aware of this rising trend, and here are tips on ensuring your construction site is secure.

Non-active deterrents;

  • Motion-activated lighting will illuminate your worksite at night.

  • Security cameras around the site.

  • Fencing around the site.

Active deterrents;

  • On-site Security guards.

  • Ensure site security at night by patrolling the perimeter and/or the interior of the building hourly or at random.

  • Ensure the entire site perimeter is fenced and not tampered with, and guard the accessible entrance.

  • Maintaining a list of authorized individuals to enter and use certain types of equipment.

  • Ensure all visitors to the site present proper identification and are always logged in and out.

Loss of productivity stems from more than just replacing stolen inventory;

  • Time lost filing police reports.

  • Contacting insurance companies and filing a claim

  • Time and money for renting, financing or purchasing replacement equipment and materials

  • Higher insurance premium

Developers or municipalities may impose heavy fines on construction firms if deadlines are not met. At HKS Security, our goal is to alleviate the stress of site managers, minimize the risks, and maximize the productivity of the construction workforce.

With on-site guards and access control, this "incurable industry epidemic" can be prevented.

HKS Security will help you make your job site safer, stop losses, and regain peace of mind by evaluating your requirements and creating a customized security plan. There is an escalating risk of construction site theft now that inflation is at its highest level in 30 years, supply chain issues are rampant, and a recession may be looming. By the end of this decade, site thefts in Canada will reach $1 billion.

For further information, contact HKS Security at (780) 220-3034 or email


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