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The Stats That Prove Residential, Condo and Commercial Security Is Worth It!

Investing in Residential, Condo and Commercial security can add value to your property. In Canada, a property crime (burglary, vandalism, arson, and unregistered guest entry) occurs every 3.8 seconds. Those numbers add up to nearly 200 burglaries per hour and almost 5000 each day. This is just one stat that you should note when considering security for your home.

1. Most unregistered guest entries are committed by someone who lives nearby

Unregistered guests tend to reside within a two-mile radius of the property they target. It's unlikely to be an inside job in a building full of residents. Because they're operating in their own neighborhood, they can easily track potential victims and strike at the best time. Around-the-clock or evening guarding is key.

2. Buildings with residential security guards are less likely to be targeted

60% of unregistered guests choose to target an alternative building if your building has a 24/7 guard. This statistic proves that having residential security at your complex will deter unregistered guests and focus their attention elsewhere.

3. In most cases, incidents occur between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm

Most home incidents happen during the day, and 24-hour security could help protect your home from intruders. By using a 24/7 guard at your building, you immediately eradicate this idea of an open, safe environment.

4. An estimated 30% of unregistered guests enter a property via an unlocked or ajar door

A third of unregistered guests is possible because the tenant has left the door ajar or unlocked. A building with residential security guards will immediately put unregistered guests off trying to scour the residence for unlocked or ajar doors.

5. Unregistered guests target big and small properties

An unregistered guest might pinpoint an apartment building thanks to the collection of small residencies. Unregistered guests will only take 10 minutes in an apartment. This is partly because they look for properties that are easy targets. A guarded building with regular patrolling reduces this risk.

6. A property's main entrance is the preferred entry point for 34% of unregistered guests

A courageous 34% of unregistered guests take the front door approach - this is a higher percentage than any other entry point of the properties. By having security guards in the lobby, where residents might forget to lock the front entryway, unregistered guests will be frightened off.

Every building needs a security plan in place if it's targeted by theft, vandalism, arson, and unregistered guest entry. HKS Security Group has over 30 years of combined experience in security, safety, and investigations. Contact us today at or (780) 220-3034 to find out how we can help you develop a residential security plan.


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