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Construction Site Security this Holiday Season 2022 - Better Be Prepared

The holiday season presents criminals with several opportunities when it comes to construction sites. It's the time of year with the least natural light, and there will be additional days when your sites are completely unmanned. Planning your security provisions should be one of your highest priorities right now. Crime rates peak around the holiday season, and nothing could be worse than an unwanted intrusion onto your sites that delays work and dampens the festive spirit. At HKS Security, we provide Uniformed Security Services for construction site security. Of course, onsite security is the most powerful tool for keeping your sites safe - especially when our expert security guards patrol them.

It's not just theft HKS Security's Uniformed Security Services can help prevent this; during the Christmas period, your sites could be vulnerable to both fire/arson attacks and damage caused by bad weather conditions. HKS Security's Uniformed Security Services utilize onsite guards that monitor what's happening on site.

The following are our top reasons for having onsite security on your construction site this holiday season:

  • Ensure site security at night by patrolling the perimeter and/or the interior of the building hourly or at random.

  • Ensure the entire site perimeter is fenced and not tampered with, and guard the accessible entrance.

  • Maintaining a list of authorized individuals to enter and use certain types of equipment.

  • Ensure all visitors to the site present proper identification and are always logged in and out.

If you invest in Uniformed Security Services, display signage to let people know your sites are being watched. We provide these signs. HKS Security is Edmonton's leading supplier of Uniformed Security Services for construction, restoration, equipment or materials yard. HKS Security will help you make your job site safer, stop losses, and regain peace of mind by evaluating your requirements and creating a customized security plan. There is an escalating risk of construction site theft now that inflation is at its highest level in 30 years, supply chain issues are rampant, and a recession may be looming. HKS Security can provide our Uniformed Security Services for any site, no matter the progress of construction, restoration, equipment or materials yard. We can provide Marked vehicles and washrooms if needed for the site.

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