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Safeguarding Property During Fire Season with Fire Watch

It is essential to conduct a fire watch on job sites during fire season to prevent the spread of fires, especially on sites situated next to dry, dead grass or areas with high vegetation. An area under fire watch is monitored and inspected for potential fire hazards, such as improperly disposed of smoking materials such as cigarettes, flammable or combustible materials, equipment that produces sparks, and hot equipment such as welding equipment, hot pipes, and hot ashes. Due to the dry and hot weather conditions during fire season, job sites are at an increased risk of fire. Therefore, it is imperative to have trained fire watch personnel who can identify and assess hazards, implement safety procedures, and ensure all individuals follow fire safety guidelines and are aware of evacuation procedures. A proactive approach to fire watch ensures that fires are prevented or controlled before they pose a threat to someone's life or property.

  • A Fire Weather Watch or Red Flag Warning is issued when the combination of dry fuels and weather conditions support extreme fire danger.

  • Warm temperatures, very low humidity, and stronger winds may combine to produce a significantly increased risk of fire danger.

  • When conditions become very dry, ensure all burn barrels are covered with a weighted metal cover, with holes no larger than 3/4 of an inch.

  • Don't throw cigarettes or matches out of a moving vehicle. They may ignite dry grass on the side of the road and produce a wildfire.

  • Extinguish all outdoor fires properly. Drown fires with plenty of water and stir to make sure everything is cold to the touch. Dunk charcoal in water until cold. Do not throw live charcoal on the ground and leave it.

  • Remember, never leave a fire unattended. Sparks or embers can blow into leaves or grass, ignite a fire, and quickly spread.

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Written by Rachel Ha Manager, Training & Compliance Manager at HKS Security

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